The redemption of Régis Labeaume

According to our Léger / Le Journal poll published yesterday, unsurprisingly, Régis Labeaume prances again and again, without sharing, at the top of the voting intentions.

Despite his 13 years as mayor of Quebec, 52% of respondents would vote for him in the municipal elections of 2021. At 72%, his satisfaction rate would be the envy of many elected officials.

Régis Labeaume has come a long way. Especially on a personal level. Obviously, that went a long way in making him a better mayor. More empathetic, as my colleague Claude Villeneuve pointed out yesterday.

Chief Populist

Starting off from his strong image as a “chief populist”, the years have changed for the better. The cancer he battled in 2019, like most survivors of the disease, made him more aware of the fragility of life and the importance of the passage of time.

The horrific massacre at the Quebec mosque, then quite recently, a second, atrocious massacre in Old Quebec, revealed a bruised man capable of great humanity.

Also experienced in his private life, we feel more and more hesitant to represent himself next year. The decision, of course, is up to him. As he puts it so well, no one is irreplaceable.


However, despite my ultra critical analyzes of the first hyper populist era of a Régis Labeaume with rough and brittle manners, I find myself today wishing that he plunges again for a final term.

This shows how profound the transformation of Mayor Labeaume over the years, not to say his redemption, is. She impresses.

His unique ability to say things as he feels them, but today with more refinement, makes him a politician on a human level.

I never thought I would say it one day, but as a Montrealer, I would gladly import it from the city hall of the capital to that of the metropolis.

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