The pandemic benefits the big guns

The pandemic is benefiting programs broadcast during rush hour. Without the possibility of going out, Quebeckers spend their evenings in semi-confinement in front of Infoman, The cheater and All the life, which are among the shows with the most significant viewing increases this fall.

When we look at the top 30 most viewed titles in the last two months, we notice that they – almost all – increased their audience compared to 2019.

The biggest increase comes fromInfoman. The 21e Jean-René Dufort’s weekly meeting season has attracted 1,004,000 viewers since September, confirmed Numéris data compiled by the Deep Blue Canada agency. During this same period last year, there was talk of an average of 777,000 faithful. This is therefore an outbreak of 29%, the largest on the charts.

There is also a breakthrough on the side of the Cheater (+ 21%). Led by Guy Jodoin, the TVA game is approaching one million daily viewers with 982,000, compared to 813,000 in 2019.

In fiction

In fiction, the prize for the most spectacular leap goes to All the life. Broadcast on ICI Télé, Danielle Trottier’s series now attracts 1,139,000 viewers, 19% more than last fall.

District 31 (+ 8%), Discussions with my parents (+ 4%) and 5e rank (+ 3%) also improved their performance. Controversial or not, even The little life in recovery experienced a resurgence (+ 14%) on Saturday.

Among the few issues that recorded a decrease, we should point out Everybody talks about it (-8% against The voice), It ends well the week (-2%) and The grocery store (-2%).

Fall of specialty channels

The news is not so good everywhere. Overall, TV viewing fell 5%, the numbers show.

As for airtime, its average fell from 29.8 hours per week to 28.6 hours per week, a drop of 4%.

According to Claudia Massé, Senior Media Advisor, Consumer Research at Deep Blue Canada, these declines are mainly attributable to specialty channels, which recorded much less interesting performance than in 2019.

“The conventional channels which broadcast the tops shows maintained their figures and several rush hour broadcasts have indeed seen significant increases, says Claudia Massé. But on the other hand, sports channels haven’t come easy since COVID. “

During the months of September and October, with no Canadiens games to offer, the number of viewers per minute of RDS plummeted by 49%. That of TVA Sports, which broadcast hockey series until September 28, fell by only 2%.

Elsewhere, we see significant falls at MOI ET CIE (-35%), Z (-33%), Météomédia (-30%), Séries + (-26%), Canal Vie (-23%) and Évasion (-19 %).

On the other hand, the abundant news has allowed the news channels to leap: + 32% for LCN and + 12% for RDI.


  • Fall 2020: 1,004,000
  • Fall 2019 : 777,000
  • + 29%


  • Fall 2020: 982,000
  • Fall 2019: 813,000
  • + 21%


  • Fall 2020: 1,139,000
  • Fall 2019: 961,000
  • + 19%

VAT NEWS (6 p.m.)

  • Fall 2020: 862,000
  • Fall 2019: 732,000
  • + 18%


  • Fall 2020: 897,000
  • Fall 2019: 785,000
  • + 14%

Source: Confirmed data from Numéris / Tous 2+ / Deep Blue Canada / From September 2, 2019 to October 27, 2019 / From August 31, 2020 to October 25, 2020

To watch Thursday


The “Hot Rod” cars and other muscular cars are the driving force of this documentary combining clandestinity, speed, power and engineering. An attractive universe that has seduced more than one in America. “They had commercialized the rebellion”, as one of the speakers recalls.

Thursday, 7 p.m., Historia.


Tara and Pascal decide to reinforce security around the swimming pool after an upsetting event involving little Amaya, when everyone was busy working on the ground. The family also has another big project: that of moving the family room, because a reorganization of the space is necessary.

Thursday, 8 p.m., Canal Vie.


Lise dion

Archive photo, QMI Agency

Lise dion

Second part of the third comedy show by Lise Dion. A successful return to the stage with a show that talks about the passing of time, technology and vacations in the South, but which also leaves room for Marcel and the comedian’s children.

Thursday, 9 p.m., VAT.

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