Singer Beyries delivers her home album in person

About twenty fans who had pre-ordered the CD ofEncounter, Beyries’ new album, got a nice little extra on Thursday: Beyries herself made the delivery.

All day, Beyries and two members of her team roamed the streets of Montreal delivering CDs to fans who never expected such a visit.

The singer-songwriter was looking for an original way to celebrate the release of her second album. As the title means “meeting”, she had the idea of ​​going to meet her admirers.

She says she had a blast playing the delivery girl.

“My agent rang and asked if the person on our list was there and if they had ordered a Beyries album. When they answered yes, she said: it’s good, she’s there to put it back. I got out from behind the tree or behind the car, it was very funny. ”

Attention appreciated

The admirers appreciated this delicate attention of the artist.

“Especially in the current situation where we don’t see many people. It is really appreciated that she takes the trouble to make the delivery, ”says Catherine Choinière, who spent $ 20 to get the autographed CD even though … she no longer has a CD player.

“Since there are no more shows now, I thought it was the best way to encourage him.”

Interviews everywhere

In addition to delivering her album, which comes out Friday, Beyries is very busy promoting it all over the world.

On Friday morning, she will be giving interviews in France and the UK. Via social media, she says she has also noted interest in Turkey, Iran, Australia and South Africa.

“I feel great. The interviews make me think about my album and give me another perspective. The response is so beautiful, the welcome so incredible that it gives energy for the future. ”

The newspaper publishes a full report on Beyries and her new album, Saturday, in the Cahier Weekend.

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