Save English!

In our time when some take offense at an episode of The Little Life, irony and satire are no longer popular with the high priests of rectitude. Let me, however, embark on a second-degree tirade to demand that we save the skin of something as endangered as the white rhino: English.

Following the Léger poll published this week, it must be admitted, dear reader: it is not French that is on the decline in Montreal or Quebec, but rather this beautiful English culture!

So you don’t notice, dear Quebecers, that our teenagers no longer even understand the meaning of the word Hi in Hello-Hi ? They don’t know what Hollywood is and couldn’t name any American stars. Really, the English language will soon know the fate of Latin.


So you don’t hear, dear Quebecers, that on the radio, songs in English have disappeared? And what about all these English speakers who give French names to their children? As if they were ashamed of their own language?

Really, the steamroller of Quebec culture and French threatens the Anglo-American identity, so fragile!


Can’t you see, dear Quebeckers, that McGill, Concordia, Bishop, Dawson and Champlain universities are starving to death because they are being given only crumbs of the budget? Can’t you see that English corporate names are completely disappearing? On the signs of our demonstrators against the terrible law 21, there is not a trace of English.

Really, the English language will soon be just a memory and you will have to rewrite it backwards and translate the song. Mommy by Pauline Julien to say rather: Mum, mum, I love you dearly. Sniff!

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