Ram Introduces 75th Anniversary Edition Power Wagon

Ram commemorates its first Power Wagon which entered service in 1945 with a 75th anniversary edition of its Heavy Duty 2500 truck.

To distinguish it from its base counterparts, this Ram Power Wagon features a series of aesthetic cues such as a redesigned grille as well as “75 Years of service” logos dotted around the body. In the first case, the grille sports a grille with vertical lines instead of being hexagonal and the RAM emblem is in “Gunmetal” color, a shade of silver.

In addition, the body will be provided with a double-tinted paint thanks to a black band which surrounds the bottom of the truck, with the exception of the Diamond Black version, which will be completely black. No less than 11 colors will be available, including two new ones (Molten orange and Anvil gray). The 17-inch aluminum rims will be fitted with 33-inch tires. The headlights will be surrounded by a glossy black band.

Photo: FCA USA

The interior will also receive special treatment, starting with the addition of bucket seats with the “Power Wagon 75” logo. The aesthetics of the instrumentation as well as of the central console have been revised, since they incorporate many touches of satin black.

This version will be equipped with the Uconnect 4C NAV system as well as a 12-inch touch screen. Ram also notes that this is the first time that a Power Wagon model has offered the ability to view vehicle parameters such as the suspension as well as the transfer case under the “Off-road” menu.

449752 ram introduit une edition 75e anniversaire du power wagon

Photo: FCA USA

For audiophiles, the cabin will be equipped with 17 Harman Kardon speakers with a power of 750 watts.

Under the hood, this special edition will be equipped with a 6.4-liter V8 that produces 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque. This configuration has an eight-speed transmission. In addition, the towing capacity will be just over 19,000 lbs and the WARN Zeon-12 winch will be able to pull up to 12,000 lbs of load.

449759 ram introduit une edition 75e anniversaire du power wagon

Photo: FCA USA

The suspension will be unique to the model and the transfer box will be electronic. Then, the vehicle will be fitted with a 360-degree camera.

The 75th Anniversary Power Wagon is expected to hit the North American market at the end of 2020 as a 2021 model, and it starts priced at $ 73,290.


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