Quebec: man pleads guilty to trafficking and conspiracy charges after trading for $ 1.4 million in narcotics

A man who, over a short period of two and a half months, traded for $ 1.4 million from the sale of narcotics pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the charges of trafficking and conspiracy against him.

Between June 5 and August 23, 2016, Alexandre Tordion acted as a delivery person for the network led by Jonathan Rochette and Alexandre Mathieu.

The group distributed methamphetamine in large quantities to other distributors, who, in turn, sold the merchandise in the streets of Quebec.

“Essentially, Mr. Tordion received the orders, he prepared them, was going to deliver them and gave the money to Jonathan Rochette or to Gérome Tymchuk-Leblanc, known as“ the Jamaican ””, briefly summarized the prosecutor, Mr.e Juan Manzano, to judge Réna Émond.

According to the evidence gathered, Tordion was not employed at the time of his participation in the network and he frequented drug caches every day, even going so far as to move one to his home.

“The day of his arrest, the accused was intercepted while he had in his possession four hockey bags which contained 299,000 methamphetamine tablets,” added the prosecutor.

On the same day, searches were carried out in several places. During the one carried out at the accused’s home, the police seized an additional 106,000 methamphetamine tablets.

Detailed accounts linked to the criminal organization found at the home of a co-accused also made it possible to understand that the man had passed, during his short participation, 4,028 kilos of cocaine, more than 2.2 million methamphetamine tablets and 21.5 kilos of cannabis.

Without a criminal record, Tordion will return to court on January 18. At this point, a suggestion made jointly between the prosecutor and the defense lawyer, Mr.e Jean-Claude Gingras, will be presented to Judge Émond.

Recall that the co-defendants of Tordion received their sentence, which varies from 15 months to 13 years.

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