Lyne Bessette made peace with Geneviève Jeanson

Lyne Bessette was in the show’s studio Dave Morissette Live, Wednesday evening, as part of the political thematic week.

The former cycling champion, now federal Liberal MP for the riding of Brome-Missisquoi, addressed several topics related to her favorite sport, including the infamous doping story involving Geneviève Jeanson.

Years later, she has now made peace with her then-teammate with the Canadian national team. The two women are even planning to have a drink together soon.

“When I won the CanadaMan, an extreme triathlon that takes place at Lac Mégantic, two years ago, there was an article about me in the newspaper and another next on Geneviève who had just left her new gym on the South Shore of Montreal.

“I sent him a little message on Facebook. I told him: “Congratulations on your new life project. I hope you are going well”. A simple message. I just needed to tell him it was okay, that I didn’t blame him, that I wanted to make peace. I moved on.

“It’s a sad story, but when I was younger I didn’t see it like that. I am 46 years old and not 23 years old anymore. I have lived now.

“I thought maybe she wouldn’t answer me, but she answered me right away. We thought we were going to have a drink at some point and maybe talk about it. It hasn’t happened yet, but the door is open, ”she said. See this part of the interview in the video above.

Since this famous scandal broke, and many others, “a lot of things have been done to counter doping,” said our guest of the day.

“Sport will never be perfect. There will always be doping. There are less now, but we will never achieve perfection. ”

In addition, during the interview, psychological support for athletes was also discussed, which has greatly improved in recent years.

She also described the special circumstances that prompted her to skip the 2001 World Championships, which came shortly after the attacks in New York.

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