Holiday suppers: Arruda fears an American “nightmare”

The Dr Horacio Arruda fears a “nightmare” as in the United States if gatherings allowed for the holiday season, however modest, lead to a significant increase in cases.

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In a press conference on Thursday, the national director of public health explained that Quebec is continuing its reflection on the rules put in place to ensure a “family Christmas, adapted then healthy”.

“We prefer to have a reflection than to let it go and let people have big ‘underground’ parties which would be a risk because the virus is there and I don’t want it to become a nightmare like what we see in United States, ”he replied, in English.

A scenario allowing two families from different homes is under consideration, he confirmed, but many questions remain unanswered. The government is concerned that some Christmas dinners will bring together people from across the province who would be very difficult to trace in the event of outbreaks, he added.

But the Dr Horacio Arruda hopes “never to arrive” to place Quebecers in front of the obligation to choose between one or the other member of his family to keep them company at Christmas.

“I think that currently, it would be too early to tell you, to give you the precise information because the discussions are not over,” he continued.

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