Hochelaga: a grocery store wants to settle noise pollution

The new grocery store Valmont was not yet inaugurated in Hochelaga that neighbors were already complaining on social networks of the almost unbearable noise generated by its capacitors. After a week of collective research, a solution seems to have been found.

The neighbors of the Valmont grocery store on Ontario Street had the bad surprise to find last week that the capacitors installed on the roof of the building, just in front of their windows, were anything but silent.

The story of this deplorable situation, shared on Facebook with a supporting video, generated the empathy and indignation of several hundred Internet users. The citizens explained that they had to relocate to an Airbnb while waiting for the nuisances to be resolved.

“The City banned water-cooled refrigeration systems, so we had to equip ourselves with condensers that go through the air,” explains Yves Landry, store owner. These devices ventilate the heat from the store to the outside, but as soon as they were installed last week, I recognized that their noise was not bearable for the neighbors. ”

Looking for solutions

Mr. Landry and the management of the Valmont group say they worked in collaboration with the affected citizens as soon as the problem arose. The “victims” of the capacitor nuisance did not wish to testify, but they confirm that “everyone is in good faith in resolving this situation”.

“Sound barrier walls were installed yesterday, as a temporary solution, to limit noise pollution,” explains Mr. Henri. From spring, we will reinforce this sound barrier system, but also renovate the roof so that it is greener and more aesthetic. ”

“Our relations with the neighborhood are very good, contrary to what we can read on social networks. We communicate, we have met several times and we are looking for solutions. ” – Yves Landry, owner of the Valmont grocery store in Hochelaga


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