French citizenship directly from the Minister … in Toronto

Himself born in India and become French in his twenties, Mr. Alexis stressed that “it is a beautiful symbol that France is represented in Toronto by a new French”.

Values ​​of the Republic

Ms. Schiappa reminded these nine new citizens, gathered in Toronto, that it was now incumbent on them to “defend the values ​​of the Republic: freedom, equality, fraternity”, to which she added “secularism, our language, our culture, our great authors, our philosophers of the Enlightenment… ”

“I wish to highlight the fact that the French values ​​of tolerance and openness are understood and shared by these people”, adds the Minister in an email to “I also wanted to show our fellow citizens that the national community continues to welcome citizens from all over the world.”


Before joining President Emmanuel Macron’s party, La République en Marche, Marlene Schiappa has long campaigned for parental equality and the reconciliation between professional and personal life.

Minister of Citizenship in the government of the new Prime Minister Jean Castex since July, she was previously Secretary of State in charge of Equality between women and men and the Fight against discrimination.

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