Emergency aid for businesses | Measures under consideration in the Senate

(Ottawa) The most recent federal measures for businesses affected by the pandemic are now under consideration in the Senate. On Thursday, a Senate committee heard from Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland on Bill C-9.

This was adopted, in an accelerated manner by the Commons last Friday.

C-9 must extend the wage subsidy until June 2021. The bill also reviews commercial rent assistance, the first version of which did not find many takers.

The measure offered this spring required that the owner of the premises apply for assistance from the federal government and reduce the merchant’s rent accordingly.

The new Canada Emergency Rent Grant, introduced by C-9, can be requested directly by the tenant.

It will cover up to 65% of the fixed costs of companies that have suffered a drop in their income because of the pandemic. An additional 25% aid will be offered to businesses whose health authorities order closure.

Once C-9 is passed by the Senate and becomes law, businesses will be able to apply for rental assistance retroactively to September 27.


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