COVID-19: over 275,000 cases in Canada

Far from taking a break on Remembrance Day, COVID-19 continued to gain ground faster than ever on Wednesday as Canada passed the 275,000 infection milestone to date.

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Coast to coast, provinces and territories have reported 4,024 new infections, for a total of 277,059 to date. That number includes 10,684 Canadians who died while carrying the virus, a number that rose to 53 deaths on Wednesday.

Once again, Canada has therefore crossed the mark of 4,000 infections per day, even without the contribution of British Columbia, which took a break for the presentation of its daily report on the occasion of the day. holiday.

For the past few days, the country has maintained a seven-day average of more than 4,000 cases. By way of comparison, at the height of the first wave, this average was around 1,700 cases per day, mainly concentrated in Quebec and Ontario, while the West and the Maritimes remained rather spared.

At the current rate of the pandemic, Canada will surpass the 300,000 positive test mark early next week.

Another record

Far from slowing down, the coronavirus has continued to spread faster than ever. Ontario once again broke a new record when it revealed 1,426 new infections, in addition to 15 deaths.

In Quebec, health authorities have reported 22 deaths and 1,378 cases detected in 24 hours, a number that is rising sharply.

“We are losing the battle”

In the Prairies, doctors are stepping up calls on provincial governments to take action before hospitals are overwhelmed by Wave 2.

The most recent, Saskatchewan doctors (112 cases) imitated their colleagues Wednesday by calling on Premier Scott Moe to take responsibility. They argued, in a letter, that Saskatoon’s intensive care beds are 130% occupied.

“It is becoming more and more for us, the doctors of Saskatchewan, that we are losing the battle against the virus,” they wrote in an open letter.

Their colleagues in Alberta (672 cases, seven dead) had done the same on Monday and called for drastic confinement of two weeks to break the second wave. According to CBC News, Jason Kenney’s government is also preparing to announce containment measures soon,

Manitoba (41 cases, nine dead), for its part, has already announced this week a province-wide containment, with the closure of all businesses deemed non-essential.

Elsewhere in the country, new cases have been reported in the Northwest Territories (+1), Nunavut (+1) and Nova Scotia (+2).

The situation in Canada:

Quebec: 118,529 cases (6,515 deaths)

Ontario: 88,209 cases (3,275 deaths)

Alberta: 35,545 cases (383 deaths)

British Columbia: 19,239 cases (284 deaths) – Data from Tuesday

Manitoba: 9,308 cases (123 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 4,326 cases (29 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 1,134 cases (65 deaths)

New Brunswick: 355 cases (6 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 297 cases (4 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 67 cases

Yukon: 23 cases (1 death)

Northwest Territories: 11 cases

Nunavut: 3 cases

Canadian returnees: 13 cases

Total: 277,059 cases (10,684 deaths)

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