COVID-19: a 15-minute break in tribute to frontline staff

The Quebec Federation of Workers (FTQ) invites the population and the world of work to take a 15-minute break, Thursday at 10 a.m., in tribute to front-line staff in the health and education sectors .

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“In these sectors, to date, at least 18,000 people have contracted COVID-19, mainly in the health sector; 12 died. We cannot remain indifferent to their sacrifice, ”said the Central Trade Union in a press release.

Through this gesture, the FTQ would like to remind you that negotiations for the renewal of contracts in the public sector are still stumbling.

As an indication, 43.2% of workers do not have an office or a full-time position in the public sector where the salary delay is 6.2%.

Indeed, the average salary of public sector employees is just over $ 36,000, deplores the central labor union.

For casual and temporary employees, the average salary does not exceed $ 28,500, according to figures put forward by the FTQ.

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