A real epidemic

Unlike COVID-19, this virus does not kill people and send no one to intensive care.

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But for dozens of organizations, whether public or private, its impacts can be absolutely devastating.

Paralyzed activities, financial losses, personal data of employees or customers stolen and blithely published on the dark web

I am of course talking about the havoc wreaked by unscrupulous hackers.

Not a week goes by without hearing about a new organization that has been the victim of ransomware.

In mid-October, it was the Société de transport de Mont-real, which did not fully recover.

Two weeks ago, it was the turn of the CIUSSS du Center-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal. Moreover, the CIUSSS confirmed to us last Friday that it will not be able to reconnect to the Internet network for … several weeks.

Victim entrepreneurs

The classic: unknown hackers enter the computer network, block access to data after having stolen it, and demand a ransom in cryptocurrency to restore control.

Our journalist Hugo Joncas has listed a dozen new cases across Quebec.

His reports that we will publish in the coming days are particularly interested in SMEs. Several of the victims are entrepreneurs already damaged by COVID-19, who really cannot afford to be victims of computer blackmail.

Let us hope that their testimonies will make it possible to sensitize the governments and the police forces to the urgency to fight against the cyber hackers.


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