A mural in tribute to Joyce Echaquan in Joliette

Atikamekw artist Eruoma Awashish will finish a large mural in memory of Joyce Echaquan on a wall at the Musée d’art de Joliette (MAJ) on Friday, entitled Mackwisiwin (Strength).

At the invitation of the MAJ and the Native Friendship Center of Lanaudière, the artist has been working on his work since November 9 and will finish it on the 13th. It can then be observed at the museum as well as from the street for at least a year.

“It is Joyce’s family that I represent on this mural,” Eruoma Awashish said in a statement. I chose a vibrant lime green for the background, I wanted it to be bright. In suffering, we grow and rise. You have to use trials like those of Joyce’s death to rise, grow, evolve, walk and no longer experience things like these. With her passing, Joyce has planted something that will grow inside of us and that I would call awakening. With this mural, I wanted to bring light, bring out the beauty. ”

Joyce Echaquan, an Atikamekw woman, died on September 28 in Joliette hospital in troubled circumstances. The 37-year-old mother recorded a Facebook Live video in the moments leading up to her death showing nurses insulting her and being racist.


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