Wendake tragedy: the identity of the two young victims revealed

Michaël Chicoine, accused of having killed his two children, aged 2 and 5, was back in court on Wednesday morning so that the public prosecutor could report on the progress of the case.

In the first place, the pursuer, Me Thomas Jacques informed Judge Réna Émond that the investigation into the tragedy that occurred in mid-October in Wendake was still ongoing.

Thus, the case of the father who faces second degree murder charges will be brought back to court on January 12, still at the stage of disclosure of the evidence.

Michael chicoine

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Michael chicoine

The prosecution also asked the court, in agreement with defense counsel, Mr.e Pierre Gagnon, and in agreement with the family of the two victims, to lift the publication ban which had been pronounced by the Court during the appearance of Chicoine.

The ordinance prevented in particular mentioning the bond which united the little Olivier, 5 years old and his brother Alex, 2 years old, to the man of 30 years.

Recall that, the day before the discovery of the bodies of the two toddlers, Chicoine himself went to the police station in Victoria Park.

A few hours later, the police made the terrible discovery of the inanimate bodies after going to Chicoine’s home in Wendake.


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