We failed in the task

Last Wednesday, I had the chance and the privilege to attend the preview of Renée Blanchar’s documentary Le Silence which highlights the scandals of sexual abuse by Catholic priests on young boys, particularly in Capetown. -Pelé and in the Acadian Peninsula.

Renee, you are projecting a community secret in full view of the world. This is never easy to accept.

Indeed, we all have all our explanations, no doubt valid, to justify what happened. For some, they were not aware, for others it was just rumors, or the parents had not complained or even the fear of being singled out in the pulpit by the attackers. But in the end, as a community, we failed in the task.

We did not protect the children. I want to say to victims: “You are right to be angry not only with the perpetrator, but also with the community which, in a way, let you down. … Not out of spite I agree, but rather out of negligence to act. ”

Thank you Renée!

Not only do you give a voice to the victims by allowing them to speak out loud about the suffering endured, but you allow the communities to hear the victims, to analyze what happened and to learn from it. that are needed!

You have once again demonstrated your talent and professionalism. You didn’t appeal to sensationalism.

You did your research.

You have framed the testimonies that are difficult to hear in the most beautiful landscapes that the community can offer as if to soften the cruelty of events.
Thanks to the victims. You have a lot of courage.

Leon Richard


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