There is an urgent need to act!

The linguistic emergency makes the headlines every day: if we do nothing, the decline of our common language will continue relentlessly and one day, French Quebec as we know it will no longer be.

Moreover, the Léger survey on the state of the language in Quebec, which has just been published, testifies to the great concern of Quebecers with regard to the French language as well as their appetite for concrete actions (67 % want the government to strengthen laws to improve the situation of French in Quebec). The petition of three young Montrealers to make French the common language in the metropolis is also indicative of this desire for things to happen. In fact, all recent indicators are in the red, and the OQLF report on the linguistic situation in Montreal, as well as the absence of francization certificates from several boroughs in the city, confirms that a major shift is taking place. ‘imposed. Strong measures are therefore expected so that our law 101 can finally achieve its objectives. The government has a duty to act quickly and must without further delay table its reform project promised for months. It is a strong reform that the Quebec people are waiting for; the suspense therefore lasted too long.

Priority actions

The Partenaires pour un Québec français coalition, bringing together eight trade union and civil society organizations, proposed 54 recommendations to counter the main current weaknesses of the Charter of the French language, to ensure better vitality of French as well as better access to francophone culture. We therefore hope that these will be included in the government’s long-awaited action plan. For us, the priority measures to be adopted must, among other things, put an end to the requirement of generalized and unjustified proficiency in English for many jobs, promote the francization of new Quebecers, young people and adults, so that ” they master all aspects of the French language, allow Quebecers to have access to rigorous portraits – drawn up independently – of the linguistic situation in the territory. Institutional bilingualism must therefore also be eradicated, by ensuring that public administration, judicial and hospital communications are in French, with well-defined exceptions.

We must act

Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette has stated on several occasions that the City of Montreal, like the flagship of the French language, must play a predominant role in the promotion, enhancement and defense of French. Let us go beyond the metaphor and affirm that, in order to arrive safely, the State of Quebec must imperatively be its exemplary captain so that the official language is truly embodied in institutional practices and in order to truly make French the common language in Quebec. . The course must be fixed! He can only be daring, courageous and historic, following the example of our ancestors.

The time is no longer for procrastination, but for action. There is an urgent need to act!

Jacques Létourneau, president of the CSN

Marie-Anne Alepin, general president of the SSJB

Maxime Laporte, president of the MQF

Sonia Éthier, president of the CSQ

Christian Daigle, president of the SFPQ

Sylvain Mallette, president of the AWF

Therese David, president of the MNQ

Jacques Girard, President of the Lionel-Groulx Foundation

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