The recomposed past of Anemone

The intrigues have long been immobile in Another story, like the bodies that Anemone (Marina Orsini) cares for in the basement of the Amora funeral home.

Hugo Dumas
Hugo Dumas

But since Anémone Leduc’s new tidy life has merged with her former rock’n roll incarnation of Manon Bouchard – and her red streaks – beware, it’s brewing from Laval to Belleville. A shock wave felt up to the fishing camp of (late) Claudio Romero (Manuel Tadros).

In our televisions, the episodes of the Radio-Canada soap opera, more compact, evoke the heyday of Vivid memories, by the same author, Chantal Cadieux. Family trees grow in all directions and secrets leap in the face of the protagonists like a limoncello bottle stopper for an aperitif.

Even little Laurie Berthier (Sophie Paradis), whom we so much sought with great beatings on Mont Saint-Hilaire, has returned in the guise of a lawyer, who receives her new clients in the woods.

Honestly, for the uninitiated, it must not be easy to disentangle the Romero clan from the Blanchette clan, and who did what with the gun in the gas station in the late 1980s. But for the fans that follow Another story for almost two years, it has been the reward of our patience.

Since the last episode, with the meeting of half-brothers Simon (Mikhaïl Ahooja) and Jean-Olivier (Adam Kosh), the six children of Anémone / Manon all know each other. From memory, perhaps less vivid, there is only Olivia (Laurence Barrette) who has not yet tightened the clamp of all her relatives on the side of the Blanchettes. Olivia knows, however, that they exist.

Even Patricia (Marie Turgeon), the current wife of Ronald (Vincent Graton), confronted Manon / Anémone between two karaoke sound tests.

Monday evening, the scene of confrontation between Karla (Marilou Morin, always excellent) and her mother (Marina Orsini) about the murder of the young cashier – and sister of the dark Vincent, you follow? – was overwhelming.

That’s it, Another story. A soap filled with twisted ties, impossible businesses, which obviously pique our curiosity. Like Karla who was robbed and abused by her half-brother Jean-Olivier without knowing it. Like Karla who had a baby with Emilien (Patrice Godin), the lover of her own mother.

Like Vincent (Sébastien Ricard) who works alongside his little sister’s murderer. Moreover, it is suspicious this sudden zenitude of Vincent, brought back from Bali. It hides something not very clear.

On the side of nebulous things is the case of Ron, who has taken over the job with criminal Valaire Petterson (Steve Banner). This same Valaire could be the biological father of Ron’s eldest daughter, trucker Caroline (Debbie Lynch-White), whose psychiatrist is also the mother of a friend of his twins. You are still here ?

Screenwriter Chantal Cadieux is the best at inventing crazy characters. Starting with Belleville’s praying mantis, the seamstress Sophie (Nathalie Coupal), who once again revealed her psychopathic side.

The bizarre babysitter Amélie (Kim Despatis), and the Machiavellian ex-girlfriend of poor Ghislain (Christian Essiambre), also falls into this category of type people. Fatal Attraction.

And there is the lawyer Steeve (Francis Ducharme), who is slowly smothering the relationship between Sébastien (Benoît McGinnis) and Érik (Philippe Thibault-Denis). All these beautiful people evolve in the red zone, a kind of round red stove. Great danger of injury.

Pandemic academy restaurant

“Everyone is in trouble. Chef Charles-Antoine Crête, of Montreal Plaza, perfectly summarizes the state of catering in Quebec during these two waves of COVID-19 which forced the closure of almost all dining rooms.

For six months, from March to September, a film crew followed the team of the colorful chef in the waltz of closing, reinvention and reopening of his famous restaurant in the Plaza Saint-Hubert, an artery whose redevelopment never ends. to finish is interminable. You will see the interesting result in Pandemic leader Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Télé-Québec.

Charles-Antoine Crête, who describes the Montreal Plaza “like a Russian circus with bearded women, but in NASA”, made sandwiches for Accueil Bonneau, opened a grocery store and delivered meals to healthcare workers.

On September 2, the Montreal Plaza finally welcomed its first customers since mid-March, but had to close for the Legault government’s first 28-day challenge, which later turned into a 56-day challenge.

Chef Crête, a great friend of Normand Laprise du Toqué !, is a bug on the screen. He smokes, bites his nails and curses profusely. He even grants an interview to Édouard Baer, ​​on the phone, while playing pétanque in the rue Saint-Hubert (still) disemboweled.

There is something that bothered me about Pandemic leader : the absence of physical distancing. Even at the height of the health crisis, the camera is filming inside the Montreal Plaza, where employees stick together and stand within two meters, without a mask. It’s always frustrating to see when you haven’t been able to hug your parents yourself since March 13.

According to Télé-Québec, “Charles-Antoine and his dedicated team have, in a way, created a bubble in the spring”. Um, yeah, okay.

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