Reminders | Ford Explorer and several Toyota models under the microscope

Ford last week rolled out a new recall campaign once again targeting the rear suspension of its Ford Explorers. Another separate large-scale recall campaign was also announced by Toyota for fuel supply issues.

Charles René
Charles René

On the Ford side, it is once again cases of rear suspension arm breakage that prompts the manufacturer to recall Ford Explorers already recalled (model years 2013 to 2017). The press release said that 13 accidents were caused by this problem, which caused injuries to six people. It is also added that 25,200 Explorers are affected in Canada by this second wave of recalls.

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Toyota Corolla Hatchback (2019) are among the recalled models.

At Toyota, the recall campaign concerns a large number of Toyota and Lexus models (2013 to 2020 model years, depending on the model) due to a fuel supply problem that can cause failure. According to the Transport Canada fact sheet, the low pressure fuel pump can break, which can, if present, prevent the engine from starting or cause a loss of power. Dealers will replace the affected pump free of charge. No less than 125,802 vehicles are affected by this recall.

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