Quebec re-establishes free access for an in vitro fertilization cycle

Free in vitro fertilization treatment will be limited to women aged 40 and under.

The Legault government tabled its long-awaited bill on Wednesday to restore free access to certain assisted procreation treatments.

Parents who are unable to conceive a child will have free access to the first cycle of in vitro fertilization, an election promise of the CAQ.

Heterosexual and homosexual couples (two women) and single women will have access to it. But beware, certain conditions apply.

“Assisted procreation services required for artificial insemination and IVF purposes are considered as insured services only if the woman is 18 years of age or over and less than 41 years”, reads the draft. Law 73 led by Minister Lionel Carmant.

The former liberal minister Gaétan Barrette had ended the free program in 2014, arguing that it was then an “open bar”.

Currently, infertile Quebecers are entitled to a tax credit that reimburses 20% to 80% of the price of treatments, depending on salary. It will be kept.

IVF treatment costs $ 8,000 to $ 15,000.

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