Montreal Book Fair | Activities for young people in schools and homes

More than 100 virtual activities for young people – entertainment, story time, round tables, meetings, etc. – are offered as of Thursday by the Montreal Book Fair. The good news is that access is easier than ever: all you need is an internet connection to participate.

Marie Allard
Marie Allard

“Usually, we have to stop at 20,000 students, because we can not accommodate more, says Olivier Gougeon, general manager of the Montreal Book Fair. This year, young people can attend the activities while in their class. Already, 30,000 students were registered for the Salon, as of November 6.

To reproduce the signature sessions so popular in “antecovidian” times, the Salon offers private virtual meetings with authors and illustrators. The only condition: you must first buy their book online. “The goal is for there to be this human contact which is a bit unique, even if it is through the screen”, explains Olivier Gougeon. Annie Groovy (creator of Leon), Priska Poirier (author of the series Les Éternels), even Midam (the Belgian behind Game Over and Kid Paddle) lend themselves to the game.

Also target young adults

Activities are aimed specifically at young adults, a public that likes to read, but does not always know it, laughs the general manager. “When they leave high school, young adults are less supervised,” he observes. They are less inclined to read, as digital is everywhere. We can present books to them in a more lively way. We have a role to play in this. ”

At the Montreal Book Fair, “even if there are hiccups – there may be some, we’ve never done it in virtual form before – in the end, our real success will be to say: we have succeeded in creating conversations around books and reading in families and in classes, says Olivier Gougeon. It will be a huge victory. “

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Four suggestions for young people

Poems that run away

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Budgie, by Virginie Beauregard D., La courtechelle editions

When: From 12 to 30 November

What: A podcast for young people, featuring Simon Boulerice (author of Boys run faster) et Virginie Beauregard D. (author of Budgie), about the power of poetry.

Price: Free

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Virtual meeting with Dïana Bélice, author of Voodoo witch, Frissons collection, Héritage editions, from 8 years old

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Dïana Bélice, author of Voodoo witch, Frissons collection, Heritage editions, for children from 8 years old

When: From 12 to 15 November

What: By purchasing a copy of the prejudice novel Voodoo witch, on the Salon du livre website, you can book a videoconference meeting with author Dïana Bélice.

Price: $ 10.95 (book purchase)

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Adventurosaur Live!

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Adventurosaur, volume 3: The oracle of Trïasio, by Julien Paré-Sorel, Presses aventure editions

When: Friday, November 13 at 11:30 a.m.

What: A meeting with cartoonist Julien Paré-Sorel, from the Aventurosaure series. In addition to showing how he draws his characters, he will explain what his process of creation is.

Price: Free

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Teenage Girls’ Body Image: The Quest for Identity

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The big ugly one, by Marie-Noëlle Hébert, Quai n editionso 5

When: Friday, November 13 at 1:30 p.m.

What: A round table discussion on the body image of adolescent girls, with the authors Laurence Beaudoin-Masse, Vanessa Duchel and Marie-Noëlle Hébert.

Price: Free

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