Ethics commissioner report: Fitzgibbon takes the blame, but won’t do it again

Blamed by the Ethics Commissioner, Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon denies having placed himself in a conflict of interest, while promising to avoid such situations in the future.

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The Minister of the Economy rose to the Salon Bleu on Wednesday to speak before the vote of censure on him which must take place tomorrow. Prime Minister François Legault has already announced his intention to vote in favor of the proposed sanction against his minister.

According to the Ethics Commissioner of the National Assembly, Mr. Fitzgibbon found himself in a conflict of interest for having met a lobbyist friend, Luc Laperrière, after the latter had bought the shares of the company Move Proteine , which the minister had to get rid of.

Pierre Fitzgibbon assures on the contrary that he acted “in good faith, and above all with ethics”. “I have never placed myself in a conflict of interest situation or favored my personal interests,” he said. I have always taken care to direct Mr. Laperrière to the normal and usual procedures. He received no special treatment because of our friendly relationship. I have never favored him or even favored him … ”

“In the future, prudence will advise me from now on not to speak to lobbyists who are in debt to me”, he added however.

The businessman turned politician also confided that it is “difficult for him to live with this blame since it in no way reflects my intentions as confirmed by the conclusion of the three cases cited in the report, which do not show any wrongdoing. of any kind ”.

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