Carabins: reunion with the team that changed everything

Lovers of university football in need of their favorite sport will be happy to learn that the Carabins of the University of Montreal have a cure for them.

Over the next three Thursdays, the UdeM club will present the reunion of its 2014 champion squad. Gathered in a videoconference, the players and coaches who got their hands on the program’s first and only Vanier Cup will revisit their three last clashes of this conquest, which were narrowly won.

“Football fans will have access to a multitude of things that they usually cannot know. There are even some settling of scores, ”said Alexandre Laganière, who was part of the Carabins squad in 2014 and who will host the three events.


What is special about this conquest is that it destabilized the order established in the Quebec conference and even in the Canadian university circuit.

“What is interesting about this vintage which won the Vanier Cup is that there are a lot of key players who were part of our first two years of recruiting, at Danny [Maciocia] and me. We sold them the vision of being the first to win a Canadian championship, ”recalled Carabins head coach Marco Iadeluca, who was the offensive coordinator at the time.

This also encouraged Laganière to take the road to Montreal, he who is a native of the Old Capital.

“Sometimes people tell me that I should have gone with the Laval University Rouge et Or. I tell them that I would have won the howth Vanier Cup? They tell me they don’t know it. I am very proud to have won the premiere of a program, ”said the one now at the head of his event and content creation company.

“They took the program to another level,” added Iadeluca. We may not have won any other Vanier Cups since, but we have made two more finals. Everyone knows that it is possible and doable. It was a pivotal moment for our program. ”

– This Thursday, the 2014 Carabins squad will watch the Dunsmore Cup clash against the Rouge et Or. The event will be featured on the program’s Facebook page at 7 pm.

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