An additional case of COVID-19 at the White House

A new case of coronavirus has been detected among staff at the White House, where several relatives of Donald Trump who attended election night on November 3 have already tested positive, US media said on Wednesday.

White House political director Brian Jack tested positive for COVID -19 over the weekend, according to the New York Times and CNN. He had spent Tuesday evening following the results of the presidential election to the White House.

Another adviser to the president was declared positive, according to the daily, but he does not name him and does not specify whether he was present during election night.

They join the President’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Housing and Urban Development Minister Ben Carson, and David Bossie, the head of the legal team responsible for legal remedies in several states where Republicans denounce electoral fraud .

Several senior Trump administration officials have contracted COVID -19 in recent weeks, including the head of state himself and his wife Melania.

The United States recorded a total of nearly 240,000 deaths on Wednesday since the start of the pandemic for more than 10.3 million cases, and currently records more than 100,000 new cases each day.

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