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TOURISM. The Illuminated Village will open its doors for the winter season thanks to a revisited formula. Young and old will be able to roam the streets, without having access to houses.

“The Illuminated Village will not be in its usual form. With all the restrictions that are in effect, it is not possible to hold a major event, as we usually do. It will be an activity that will be focused on the outside world, so as to raise the risk of harm, says Landry.

Although visitors will not be able to enter the houses, they will still be able to admire the spectacle of sounds and lights. “We know that times are difficult with the activities being canceled and the restrictions preventing us from seeing people. We thought it was important to find a way to make this period more enjoyable, ”admits Ms. Landry.

By the start of next week, tickets will be available at the online box office. The VQA wishes to open its doors on the first weekend of December.

For the first time, visitors will be able to purchase full season access to the Illuminated Village. “It’s going to be a seasonal pass like we see in summer, but this time, for our winter activity.” Tickets for the day will also be available.

The VQA will communicate all the official details in the coming days.


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