Chinese $ 6,000 electric car approved in US

Chinese $ 6,000 electric car approved in US

Kandi, a Chinese automobile company that sells electric cars, has just announced that two of its models have received a certificate of conformity from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States.

The marketing of the Kandi K27 and Kandi K23 can therefore begin on American soil and it will be very interesting to watch.

Why? Because we’re talking about the cheapest electric cars on the market – by far.

The Kandi K27, for example, has a US MSRP of $ 20,499, but the first 1,000 copies will sell for $ 17,499. When the federal rebate of $ 7,500 is added, the price drops to $ 9,999.

Wait, it’s not over: some states like Colorado also offer credits for the purchase of electric vehicles. The amount can go up to $ 4,000, which brings the bill down to as little as $ 5,999. To give you an idea, that’s equivalent to $ 7,830 at the current exchange rate.

It’s still incredible because customers will pay less than half of the car, the rest being paid by American taxpayers!

Of course, this is not a product for everyone. First of all, the K27 looks like a not very sexy cross between a MINI Cooper and a Fiat 500L. It only offers four seats and its top speed is limited to 101 km / h, which makes it difficult to drive on the highway.

Finally, in terms of autonomy, nothing to do with modern electric vehicles. The small 17.7 kWh battery can only travel 95 kilometers according to EPA calculations. For its part, the Kandi K23, which will require an additional outlay of around US $ 10,000, has a 41.4 kWh battery providing a range of 179 kilometers, two more than the electric Cooper SE.

All in all, is it worth wishing for Kandi to come to Canada?

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