Here is the Volkswagen Golf R 2022 and its 315 horsepower

Here is the Volkswagen Golf R 2022 and its 315 horsepower


Disappointed that the eighth generation Volkswagen Golf will not finally come to us in the basic version? Well, if you’re a performance fan, the new Golf R 2022 officially unveiled today should give you plenty of comfort.

Still produced in Wolfsburg, Germany, it will hit the Canadian market in late 2021, along with the 2022 Golf GTI.

“It’s a weapon”

This is how Benjamin Leuchter, development pilot at Volkswagen, summed up the Golf R 2022 in a virtual presentation to which The Car Guide has assisted. He was particularly referring to the Special mode, designed expressly for circuits, but also to the Drift mode, which allows you to have fun in complete freedom with the rear of the car.

Moreover, on the very demanding Nürburgring, the new Golf R recorded a lap time of 7:51 minutes, 19 seconds less than the previous generation. Impressive!

The two modes in question are part of the Race driving profile, one of the four offered along with Comfort, Sport (by default when starting R) and Individual. An “R” button (as in Race) on the steering wheel activates it instantly.

315 horsepower

As the GTI grows from 228 to 241 horsepower (+13), the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R is entitled to a more substantial increase – perhaps not as much as some imagined, but enough to get ahead of the current Subaru WRX STI and Honda. Civic Type R. The power of its 2.0-liter turbo engine climbs from 288 to 315 horsepower (+27), while the torque jumps from 280 to 310 lb-ft (+30) and is accessible from 2,100 at 5,350 revolutions / minute.

Good news for purists: the six-speed manual transmission remains on the program. After all, this one gets the favor of 40% of the customers of the Golf R. Volkswagen did not give the acceleration time of this version, but it was learned that with the seven-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission optionally, it only takes 4.7 seconds to reach 100 km / h. Top speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h.

Lighter and more dynamic

The modernization of the Volkswagen Golf R 2022 also means a complete overhaul of the chassis and the drive system. The car is lighter than before and relies on a 10% firmer suspension with improved geometry that optimizes both grip and handling.

Engineers also tackled the steering to provide more handling and feel, while the disc brakes have a larger diameter (now 357 millimeters). The Golf R retains its all-wheel drive and can distribute torque not only between the two axles, but also between the left and right rear wheels for maximum agility in curves.

And let’s not forget the improved aerodynamics. Ground downforce has been increased at both ends, with the two-piece rear wing receiving much of the credit.

448682 voici la volkswagen golf r 2022 et ses 315
Photo: Volkswagen

Discreetly sleeker look

As for the design, apart from the new Volkswagen and R logos, you notice the exclusive 19-inch rims (fitted with 235 / 35R19 tires), the side skirts, the mirror housings in matt chrome finish, the painted brake calipers. in blue and the bumpers look a little more aggressive than those of the Golf GTI. Inside, further bluish accents complement the decor, dominated by new sport seats and a slightly different treatment of controls and displays.

In closing, let us mention that the Volkswagen Golf R 2022 will once again be available in a single fully equipped version, with the exception of the choice of gearbox and sunroof which will be offered as an individual option in Canada.

Pricing will be announced closer to on-sale in a year. As a rough guide, the 2019 Golf R was selling for $ 42,495.

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