Amazon wants to hire 100,000 people for the holidays

Amazon wants to hire 100,000 people for the holidays

Amazon announced Tuesday the hiring of 100,000 people to meet the demand during the holiday season, crowning a good year for the giant of online commerce.

These new, temporary jobs are in addition to several large recruitment campaigns organized by the group in recent months to respond to the explosion of orders on the internet since the start of the pandemic.

The carrier UPS also began in September to recruit 100,000 seasonal workers for deliveries from October 2020 to January 2021.

Amazon had more than 875,000 employees around the world at the end of June 2020.

At the end of July, on the occasion of the publication of its results, the Seattle firm, in the northwest of the country, had indicated that it had already created more than 175,000 jobs since March and was in the process of transforming them. 125,000 in permanent positions.

It added another 100,000 in the United States and Canada in mid-September.

The vast majority of these are jobs in its warehouses, to prepare packages and ship them.

But in August Amazon also decided to recruit 3,500 engineers, computer scientists and administrative employees in the United States. The group has indeed generated enough net profits to increase investments, especially in the cloud (remote computing).

Its situation contrasts with the surge of social plans among large companies hard hit by the economic crisis linked to the pandemic.

A month ago, the multinationals Disney, American Airlines and United Airlines alone announced 60,000 layoffs.

Very criticized by some elected officials and regulators for its power as a dominant market place, Amazon regularly tries to demonstrate its positive contribution to society, describing advantageous working conditions and job creation internally but also among its sub-companies. contractors and in companies that sell their products through its platform.

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