More than 500 entrepreneurs say no to containment

More than 500 entrepreneurs say no to containment

The disastrous consequences of health restrictions outnumber the benefits, claims a group of more than 500 entrepreneurs, traders and self-employed workers who accuse the Legault government of making its decisions in a vacuum.

Benoit Girouard, known for his activism, and in particular as former president of the Union paysanne, posted on Facebook on Thursday a punchy video in which entrepreneurs and self-employed workers affected by the health crisis say no to confinement .

“On September 25, you asked us to limit our social contacts for 28 days. Then you put us in orange, then you put us in red. Ultimately, it was a second disguised confinement. Since March, Quebeckers have made a considerable effort to comply with health measures, but confinement has hurt, very badly. […] Mr. Legault, our families and our SMEs in Quebec are telling you: “never again confinement”, he says in the video of the group Entrepreneurs en action du Quebec.

The images have been shared nearly 5,000 times on the social network.

In an interview with TVA Nouvelles 12 pm, Benoit Girouard, who does not define himself as a conspirator, considers that the decisions of Quebec are very bad for a large part of the population.

“Currently, restaurants, gyms and shops are not the place to hatch. Public health confirms it. We are talking about 60% of the outbreaks that would be in schools and among large employers, ”he explains.

“We are not the place of outbreak and yet we have been closed! What is happening is that at the beginning of January we will have hundreds, even a thousand companies that will go bankrupt! And I’m not even talking to you about all the crises around this: divorces, suicides, mental health, both among parents and children ”, pleads the spokesperson.

Benoit Girouard claims to have the support of dozens of doctors whom they have contacted, public health people who have provided him with information having the same opinion, and who claim not to be listened to.

“I remind you that the Legault government did not even consult the Association of Paediatricians when it came time to bring the children home. For me, this is proof that the government governs in a vacuum, ”he insists.

Less than 12 days after launching a call for mobilization, more than 500 entrepreneurs and self-employed workers joined him to lobby.

“That’s enough, we’re at the end of the rope,” he concludes.

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