In the studio: The 2021 Car Guide from the inside

In the studio: The 2021 Car Guide from the inside

The 2021 edition of Car guide has been on sale for two weeks, and thousands of you have already purchased a copy.

True to form, our team has concocted some new files for you, including two most interesting comparative matches.

First, we looked at a vehicle category that is very popular with families, that of three-row SUVs. We have put together the six most interesting models in this category for us in order to compare them in different situations.

The vehicles tested were as follows:

After a long analysis, the team of Car guide was unanimously charmed by the Korean SUV duo formed by the Palisade and the Telluride. Two vehicles with interesting behavior and a list of equipment that could make a luxury model blush.

Among the disappointments is the aging Volkswagen Atlas, as well as a Toyota Highlander that failed to stand out despite a redesign for the 2020 model year.

Electrification on the menu

The second comparative match published in the Car Guide 2021 features three utility vehicles equipped with plug-in hybrid technology.

We have indeed managed to bring together the Ford Escape PHEV, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and the Toyota RAV4 Prime.

The new kid from Toyota impressed our team with generous electric range and its simply phenomenal 302 horsepower. Not bad for an eco-friendly SUV!

For all the details about these two comparison matches and for full road tests of all the vehicles offered on the market, get the Car Guide 2021 right now!

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