No more electric vehicles at Mercedes, but when?

No more electric vehicles at Mercedes, but when?

The Mercedes-Benz EQC is not yet on sale in the Canadian market (its arrival was delayed in early 2021), but the German manufacturer has specific plans for its future line of electric vehicles. And he just gave us more details.

So, after the EQC and EQB compact SUVs, the EQA subcompact crossover, the EQS large sedan (based on the sensational Vision EQS concept) and the EQV electric van, Mercedes-Benz is preparing a midsize sedan called EQE, an EQE midsize SUV. and a full-size EQS SUV – all built from an architecture specifically dedicated to electric vehicles.

With an investment of € 10 billion (around $ 15.7 billion), the Stuttgart-based manufacturer expects to offer at least 10 EQ models by the end of 2025.

Meanwhile, the AMG and Maybach sub-brands will start to electrify as well. The same goes for the iconic G-Class 4×4, as we told you previously.

Many of these models, including the EQS which will serve as the flagship, are currently undergoing a variety of tests to complete their development.

Production will take place in Germany and, in some cases, China and the United States (Alabama). The big question is: how many of these vehicles will end up in North American dealerships and from when? In Europe, we are talking about successive launches in 2021, 2022 and 2023, but as the example of the EQC has shown us, we will have to be more patient here.

Longer term, Mercedes-Benz’s goal is for hybrid and 100% electric vehicles to account for more than half of its total sales by 2030 and for its entire range to be carbon neutral by 2039.

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