Which SUV to choose to drive 10,000 km per year?

Which SUV to choose to drive 10,000 km per year?

My wife currently owns a 2014 Kia ​​Sportage and wants to replace it with either the Kia Seltos, the Mitsubishi RVR or the Hyundai Kona. She wants to keep it for seven to ten years and will drive a maximum of 10,000 km per year. What would be your choice?


Hello Christian,

Although the Mitsubishi RVR is loud, greedy and technically outdated, its consideration is valid due to its long warranty and high reliability. Now, your spouse will be clearly better served by the immensely more modern and technically interesting Kia Seltos.

In reality, the Seltos and the Hyundai Kona share the same technical elements and differ only aesthetically. However, Kia must be given the advantage of a more generous interior volume, which is closer to that of your current Sportage.

For added peace of mind, I would personally go for a 2.0-liter version over the turbocharged version. A less expensive machine to maintain and arguably less fragile, although Kia has had problems in the past with an engine being derived. Also note that the first series of the IVT box, which equips the Seltos as well as several family vehicles, have also experienced failures. A problem that we would have said quickly resolved and which only affected certain pre-production models 2019 and 2020.

Should problems encountered in the past prevent you from choosing this model? Absolutely not. Because although the choice of Mitsubishi is wiser in this regard, it would be a technological step back, even compared to your 2014 Sportage. And if you want a real peace of mind, the option of the extended warranty could be an option. It all depends on its price, of course.


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