A train carrying cars is razed by a bridge

A train carrying cars is razed by a bridge

You are no doubt familiar with the expression “it passes or it breaks”. A train driver carrying several new vehicles recently learned it the hard way.

It all took place last Sunday in Memphis, Tennessee. For some unknown reason, a train found itself on a track passing under a bridge too low to allow free movement and without collisions.

And it was the bridge that had the last word, completely shaving the roofs of several cars – identified Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific Railway – before the train finally came to a stop.

It’s still fascinating to see all this sheet metal crumpling and folding up like an accordion, as if it were paper.

It is not known whether a system error or driver inattention was responsible for the crash, but the damage is estimated to be in at two million dollars according to the YouTube channel that posted the video.

Repairing decapitated cars shouldn’t be too complicated. On the other hand, the vehicles that were on board – we seem to distinguish a few Ford Explorers – are in very poor condition. Some are even a total loss.

A special thought for the factory workers who assembled them in these times of pandemic …


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