Should I lease a Nissan Sentra or a Kia Forte?

Should I lease a Nissan Sentra or a Kia Forte?

I am tempted to rent a Kia Forte sedan since this manufacturer is known to have attractive prices. I also have an eye on the Nissan Sentra. Can you help me?


Hello Victoria,

Indeed, Kia generally stands out with aggressive prices. However, when the time comes to rent a vehicle, the offer is often less attractive than the competition. And the Forte 2020 is unfortunately no exception.

For a 48 month term, a Forte LX will set you back $ 331.97 per month. The interest rate is 1.99%.

In the case of the Sentra, which has been completely renewed for 2020, in an equivalent version, or S Plus, it will cost you $ 298 per month. The interest rate, this time, is 1.9% interest.

Both amounts include taxes and the mileage limit has been set at 20,000 kilometers per year for the two compact sedans. The whole thing was also done without counting the value of a car left in exchange.

Everything is explained simply. The residual value of the Forte is $ 8,090.20 while it is $ 10,688.64 for the Sentra.

Since you are interested in leasing, the offer of the Nissan Sentra is more economically advantageous. Note that for cash, these two cars have a very similar MSRP.

In short, before buying or renting a vehicle, always take out your calculator!

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