A van at Mercedes-Benz?

A van at Mercedes-Benz?

Do you know if Mercedes-Benz plans to import its X-Class pickup to Canada? I am very interested in this vehicle to replace my GLK.


Hello Charles,

Indeed, Mercedes-Benz marketed a pickup truck in 2017 in several markets around the world including Europe, Australia, South Africa and a few South American countries.

Built from the chassis of a Nissan Navara, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class has not seen the success it had hoped for since its debut three years ago. So much so that Mercedes recently announced the end of production of this model.

The X-Class will therefore only have been a gust of wind for the German manufacturer and its Canadian marketing will never have taken place.

If you want to get a pickup truck with a similar size, there are still a few options available to you. You could turn to a Ford Ranger, a Chevrolet Colorado, a GMC Canyon, a Toyota Tacoma or even a Honda Ridgeline. Remember also that Nissan is preparing to unveil a new generation of Frontier.

In the luxury brand niche, however, it is true that the pickup truck supply is non-existent in the country. That said, with the thousand and one small SUVs now offered by German manufacturers, you will find a model to replace your GLK!


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